Our Family

Chuck Jackson


Owner and Principal of AJE-Reps.  Chuck started his career with an electrical distributor, was a partner in a successful lighting agency and has served with various manufacturer rep agencies selling wire, cable, fittings and pipe.  At present inside sales and quotes.

Steve Deaver


Sales Manager & Territory Manager for SC, Western NC & Charlotte market. He worked for electrical distributors as Branch Manager, Outside Sales and Purchasing Manager. Was Area Manager for a Manufactures Rep’s .  He is one of the best Rep salesmen in the industry.

Ed Brundrit


Territory Manager Eastern TN and VA.  He has a number of years experience in the electrical industry and owned an electrical distributorship. Ed brings updated knowledge of Eastern TN. Ed gives us a lot of clear view on all parts of the business in Eastern TN

Bob Gardner


Territory Manager Piedmont NC .  He assists with bringing AJE growth to full potential.  He has worked with several electrical distributors throughout South Carolina and Piedmont NC.  He has background with Reps in lighting as well as wire and other products.

Delmar Otto


Territory Manager for Western TN.  He has been in the electrical distributor industry for many years and is an outstanding salesman. Delmar has worked in Western TN for many years in all aspects of the industry.